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Illinois Beverage Association Articulates Key Principles on Recycling

Leading Advocate of Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry Offers Input on SB 85 

(ILLINOIS – April 28th, 2023) – The Illinois Beverage Association (IBA) – the leading advocate of the non-alcoholic beverage industry in Illinois – weighed in regarding Senate Bill 85, commonly known as the “State Beverage Container Recycling Refunds Act”.

“The Illinois Beverage Association supports initiatives to create an effective and efficient circular economy for our packaging and containers. However, we believe there are critical elements that must be included in recycling programs if they are to be successful,” said IBA Executive Director Rob Nash. “First and foremost, the actual producers of packaging and containers need to design and manage the collection and recovery systems in order to both drive efficiency and ensure funds collected are not diverted to unrelated agencies or programs. In addition, any effective proposal will include shared responsibility among all types packaging producers, retailers and consumers; a convenient and effective method for consumers to recycle packaging, and guidelines that ensure recycled materials will be returned to the producers who are funding the system.”

SB 85 was introduced into the Illinois General Assembly in January 2023. The IBA and its member organizations, all of whom are critical job producers and contribute significant amounts to the Illinois economy, have met with legislators to discuss the legislation and the industry’s efforts to promote sustainability and recycling.

“Senate Bill 85 unfortunately does not reflect these principles,” continued IBA Executive Director Rob Nash. “The member companies of the Illinois Beverage Association are proud of their significant progress in boosting sustainability in our packaging and promoting recycling programs. Collectively, the industry will continue to implement our Every Bottle Back initiative which is investing hundreds of millions of dollars to modernize and improve recycling systems, measuring progress toward plastic reduction and promoting consumer awareness about recycling.”

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