Reprinted from the Alton Telegraph

Your view: Bottlers

To the Editor,

The Illinois Beverage Association understands the critical role we play as an economic driver for the state. From the local employees who make beverage products, to delivery drivers who distribute them, to the store shelves where products are stocked, the impact of our member companies is felt in communities throughout the state.

Thousands of establishments, including restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, movie theatres, entertainment venues, and more, benefit from Illinois’ non-alcoholic beverage industry, and more than 43,000 local employees of these establishments depend, in part, on the sale of our beverages for their livelihoods.

With over 50 beverage bottling plants and distribution facilities across the state, we provide almost 14,000 jobs and $1.1 billion in total wages and benefits. Our member companies strengthen the state’s economy, generating

$9.5 billion in direct economic impact and contributing nearly $840 million in state taxes.

We are proud to play such a vital role in our state’s economy by providing quality, good-paying jobs and generating significant revenue to bolster our communities throughout the state.

Rob Nash
Executive Director
Illinois Beverage Association