Journal Star | April 21, 2020

In these extraordinary times, our essential workers are showing up every day, so Illinoisans have access to basic needs. It has been incredible to see the bravery of Illinois’ medical professionals and first responders. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

The same gratitude applies for those working on another front line, providing food, beverages, and other essential necessities. Thank you to the cashiers, grocery clerks, production workers, farmers and delivery drivers who are keeping our stores stocked, food on our tables and the materials we need to shelter in place. Their commitment to serving our communities is helping improve public health and their dedication will ultimately shorten the time we must shelter in place.

We’d also like to thank our elected officials and leaders who are working tirelessly, constructively, and responsively to keep Illinois moving. Our essential workers could not do this without your support.

On behalf of the Illinois Beverage Association, and our partners in the grocery, retail, and restaurant industries, we want to thank everyone who has stepped up during this difficult time. They have made a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people who are counting on them and their sacrifice is deeply appreciated.

Rob Nash is executive director of the Illinois Beverage Association.