April 26th, 2023

Contact – Caroline Haberland-Ervin

The Illinois Beverage Association Co-Hosts Annual Springfield Business Day 2023

Business Day Brings Together Beverage Industry Leaders, Key Stakeholders, And Elected Officials

(SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS) – On April 26th, Illinois Beverage Association (IBA) co-hosted the 2023 annual Springfield Business Day along with the Illinois Manufacturers Association (IMA) and the Illinois Retail Merchants Association (IRMA). Business Day is an opportunity for industry leaders to engage with elected officials in the Illinois General Assembly on the economic and community impacts of the non-alcoholic industry in Illinois.

“The Illinois Beverage Association proudly participated in the annual Business Day in Springfield and our members had great conversations with leaders from across the state,” said IBA Executive Director Rob Nash. “We are grateful to attend this year’s event and discuss the significant contributions our industry makes in Illinois.”

The activities of Business Day included briefings with General Assembly leadership as well as lawmakers representing districts where member companies have substantial presence, allowing our members to inform these members on the economic role the non-alcoholic beverage industry plays in Illinois. These conversations also provided our members a firsthand opportunity to communicate the importance of the beverage industry to communities throughout the state. In particular, the beverage industry provides nearly 95,000 direct and indirect jobs, supplies $1.1 billion in annual wages and benefits and over $9.5 billion in direct economic impact annually. This day also allowed IBA and its members to explain to state lawmakers about the industry’s ongoing efforts to support sustainability and healthy lifestyles through the Every Bottle Back (EBB) initiative and Balanced Calorie Initiative (BCI).


About the Illinois Beverage Association

The Illinois Beverage Association is a powerful network of businesses who make and sell the most popular, innovative non-alcoholic beverages of every type in the world, strengthening the Illinois economy through job creation and tax revenue, championing environmental sustainability and building community through partnerships and contributions.

We are an inclusive association that draws strength in our shared commitment to quench America’s thirst, champion economic opportunity, champion environmental sustainability and responsibility, advocate for pro non-alcoholic beverage business policies and promote a healthy live-work environment throughout Illinois.