April 22nd, 2023

Contact – Emma Green

The Illinois Beverage Association Celebrates the 53rd Annual Earth Day

State’s Leading Advocate of Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry Demonstrates Year-Round Commitment to Preserving Our Environment

(ILLINOIS) – Today marks the 53rd celebration of Earth Day, a day to honor our beautiful planet. This Earth Day and throughout the month of April, the Illinois Beverage Association (IBA) is reinforcing our industry’s year-round, longstanding commitment to protecting our environment through sustainable solutions, reducing our plastic footprint and helping create a more circular economy for recyclables. The Illinois Beverage Association is proud to be a pioneer in environmental sustainability through our Every Bottle Back campaign.

“Leading the way on sustainable solutions has long been at the core of our business, so the Illinois beverage industry is committed to protecting our state’s natural environment year-round,” said Executive Director Rob Nash. “Investments like Every Bottle Back protect our oceans, rivers and streams from waste and maintain the Earth’s natural beauty.”

As a part of Every Bottle Back, Illinois’ beverage companies are committed to making 100% recyclable plastic bottles, including the cap – so every bottle can become a new bottle. The beverage industry is also committed to improving community recycling infrastructure and access, measuring and tracking our progress in using less plastic, and increasing consumer awareness surrounding our recyclable plastic bottles.


About the Illinois Beverage Association

The Illinois Beverage Association is a powerful network of businesses who make and sell the most popular, innovative non-alcoholic beverages of every type in the world, strengthening the Illinois economy through job creation and tax revenue, championing environmental sustainability and building community through partnerships and contributions.

We are an inclusive association that draws strength in our shared commitment to quench America’s thirst, champion economic opportunity, champion environmental sustainability and responsibility, advocate for pro non-alcoholic beverage business policies and promote a healthy live-work environment throughout Illinois.