Illinois’ beverage companies, many of which are members of the American Beverage Association, make and sell some of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages in the world. With a presence felt in every corner of every community in the state – from our products in the aisles of neighborhood stores, to our local delivery drivers who distribute them, to our support of local community initiatives – you might say that the beverage industry delivers. Illinois’ non-alcoholic beverage industry plays an important role in the State‚Äôs economy, providing well-paying jobs, paying significant tax dollars to the state and federal government and making generous charitable contributions in communities across the State.


Illinois’ Beverage Industry Provides 12,023 Jobs in the State:
Soft Drink Jobs: 4,988
Bottled Water Jobs: 1,766
100 Percent Juice/Juice Drinks Jobs: 2,073
Other Beverage Category Jobs: 568
Distribution Jobs: 2,628


With a direct economic impact of $8.4 billion, Illinois’ beverage industry provides $923.7 million in wages, while beverage companies and their employees, and the firms and employees directly employed by the industry, provide significant tax revenues – $844.2 million at the state level and $1.6 billion at the federal level.

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