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The Juice Products Association (JPA) is the national trade association representing the juice products industry. JPA’s membership represents a diverse spectrum of the industry and includes processors, packers, extractors, brokers and marketers of fruit or vegetable juices, drinks, and bases, as well as industry suppliers and food testing laboratories. Their manufacturers represent more than 80% of the US volume of juice and fruit beverage production.

JPA’s mission is to connect members by strengthening the juice products industry, providing a unified voice, serving as the expert resource, enhancing industry best practices, and promoting consumer benefits of juice products.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, the Association has more than 130 members internationally, eight of which are headquartered in the state of Illinois, all in the Chicago area. JPA hosts two meetings per year for its members, providing a forum to network and address industry issues and association business.

Over its 59-year existence, JPA has become a respected resource for the industry and recognized as an expert by federal agencies, such as the FDA, who seek input from JPA on issues related to juice products. JPA also serves as an advocate for the industry, providing input on a range of issues, including, food labeling, health claims, transportation, quality control and food safety.

In 2014, JPA launched an enhanced communications program that sponsors research, develops and promotes accurate, science-based communications to explain the benefits of juice consumption, and counters misinformation. This information is disseminated to consumers through JPA’s consumer site – Juice Central – and shared with key health influencers at professional health associations, USDA’s Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, and registered dieticians.

To learn more about JPA, please visit juiceproducts.org.

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