Partnerships with the beverage industry to increase consumer awareness have proven far more effective in improving public health without destroying jobs, hurting small business or increasing costs on working families. Yet, more than 40 discriminatory taxes on our products have been proposed and rejected across the country.
As we saw in Illinois with Cook County’s unfair beverage tax, outrage from Cook County residents and businesses was overwhelming. Cook County became the first local unit of government in the country to repeal an existing beverage tax.

Beverage Taxes…

  1. Are bad tax policy

  2. Are all about revenue

  3. Are regressive

  4. Do not improve public health

  5. Are politically unpopular

Beverage taxes are just another way to nickel and dime residents to generate new revenue, and Cook County fought their 2017 Beverage Tax, and won.
Cook County’s Beverage Tax was not just a sugar tax, or for public health purposes, but was solely about raising revenue.